Kokoro Haramaki for Women - Red Small: UK Size 6-10

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Red - Small (UK size 6-10)

Step into something warm.

Haramaki Benefits:
• Very comfortable, stylish yet subtle
• Keeps your core supported and warm
• Also encourages your extremities to be warmer
• Can be worn under or over almost anything, anywhere
• Good for your digestion

Banish the Cold
This is a product for women who wish to feel warm in winter and
perfect for women suffering from cold hands and feet. This Japanese
Haramaki, made from 97% cotton and 3% polyurethane, can be worn
next to the skin or as an outer layer to keep you warm and comfortable
during the cold and can be worn all year round if your extremities feel
permanently chilly.

Increases Fertility
A ‘cold womb’ or ‘cold kidneys’ which can frequently lead to ‘unexplained
fertility’. This may involve issues such as insufficient progesterone, poor
womb lining and the blood to congeal which interferes with circulation
to the uterus. The Haramaki is perfect for covering and warming the
kidneys and uterus.

Active Warmth
As the Haramaki is stylish, yet subtle, it can be worn almost anywhere;
at bedtime for a more comfortable night’s sleep, at work under your
clothes and even during your run or cycle to maintain warmth in
inclement weather.

Lumbar Support
Given the snug fit of the Haramaki, it can also offer lumbar support
during exercise, and the warmth can even help aid digestion.

Buy now and feel warmer.

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Small: UK Size 6-10

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