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Ocean-pH is ideal for those who exercise regularly and are prone to stress and muscle cramps.

Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine
Reduces muscle tension and cramps
High pH alkalising powder
One Nutrition Ocean-pH has been specially formulated for people following a low acid diet. Based on a rare marine algae, Ocean-pH is a powerful natural mineral support system that mirrors blood plasma constituents with natural minerals drawn from pristine waters. When added to water, these highly bio-available minerals push the pH from 9 to 10.5.

Ethically harvested at the end of its 5 year life cycle, the red marine algae simply calcifies and falls to the ocean floor - at which point it is harvested, washed, dried, and powdered.

High Alkaline: High Alkaline foods such as Ocean-pH may be beneficial as a dietary protocol for issues related to over acidity. For example; Lactic acid build-up in muscles after exercise, digestive acidity, heartburn etc.

About One Nutrition
The One Nutrition range is designed to maintain nutrition when used as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Choose from tablets, capsules or easy to mix powders to ensure maximum nutrition and quality.
Content: Per Serving (2.5g):
Calcium 900.25mg
Magnesium 68.4mg
Iron 2mg
Zinc 5mg
Selenium 30.4mcg
Iodine 0.2mg
Lithothamnion calcareuem (Red Marine Algae), Zinc citrate.
Take up to 2.5g (1/2 tsp) daily, dissolved in water, away from meals.

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