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Jason Natural Cosmetics Lightening Vitamin K Creme + 60g

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This botanically-rich daily crème naturally delivers deep, long-lasting moisturization and helps even skin tone. Our natural blend of brightening Horsetail Plant, Marigold (Calendula) and Echinacea extracts helps reduce skin redness and discoloration. With use, skin is soft and smooth, with a beautifully even tone

Help minimise imperfections
Evens out skin tone
Helps Broken capillaries
Helps Spider Veins
Lighten and Brighten Skin (but not bleaching)
Reduce Dark Circles
Delivers Long Lasting Moisturisation
Perfect for Face and Legs
No Parabens or Phthalates

Jason Natural Cosmetics


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Works well for reducing redness, 28th Feb 2011

Reviewer: Barry Davies

I've been using this product for about 3 weeks and have already noticed a dramatic reduction of facial redness and lessening of the spider veins on my face. The dark circles under my eyes have almost gone and my skin is so much softer and clearer looking with a brightness and sort of glow that I had not noticed before. I am male, 48, so not used to using skincare products but a friend recommended Jason Vitamin K Creme Plus as she's had success with it for treating her roseacea. The creme is thick and yellow and a little goes a long way, it sinks into your skin easily and leaves no oily residue, it's almost magical how it all disappears. I use it twice a day, first cleaning my face with skinwash and a hot flannel to open the pores and then massaging the creme in for about 2 minutes. It really does work it seems and even after just 3 weeks I'm pleased with the results. The service from this website is excellent too, friendly staff, next day delivery, and great prices too. Highly recommended. Thank You NaturalHealthWelwyn :-)

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