Lamberts Ginkgo 6000mg 180 tabs


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Ensures and enhances a healthy blood flow and circulation.
Helps to maintain the memory in short-term.
A powerful antioxidant, improving general well-being.
Can help to maintain good brain health.
Ginkgo Biloba is best known for its effect in helping maintain peripheral circulation to the extremities of the body such as the legs and hands, as well as helping maintain memory in the short-term. Lamberts Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg is one of the highest strength and purest ingredient products available in the UK . Each tablet contains 120mg extract, equivalent to 6000mg of dried Ginkgo leaf.


Ginkgo Biloba leaves 6000mg (as 120mg of a 50:1 extract) providing: Flavonglycosides 28.8mg Ginkgolides A,B and C and Bilobalide 7.2mg Tableted with DiCalcium Phosphate, Cellulose, Tablet Coating (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerin), Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate.


This product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Those using prescription blood-thinning medication (anticoagulants) or aspirin should consult their doctor before using Ginkgo supplements.


1 tablet daily, just after a meal.

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