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The 105 Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffuser utilises aromatherapy and mood lighting to create a harmonious atmosphere!

Combining ultrasonic technology, optional mood lighting and aromatherapy, the 105 Aroma-Diffuser is great to create an ambient setting in any room.

Small and discreet, the sleek design of the 105 diffuser blends into, and fragrances, any environment.

To provide a safe, and cost effective method of diffusing, the 105 automatically shuts off power when the water falls below a certain level, or two hours after turning on.

Its colour changing mood lighting is optional, and gradually changes through the complete colour spectrum, with the added feature of 'favourite colour selection' mode.

Additional features include a 30 second intermittent setting, ideal for use with stronger scents.

As with all electric diffusers, it is recommended that they are cleaned regularly with a soft cloth or toothbrush to ensure continued and long lasting results.

This system is also good for counteracting some of the dryness created by today's central heating and air conditioning systems.

Simply add water and a few drops of your choice of essential oil, and switch on to enjoy.

See manual for full instructions & technical support.
Product dimensions: 100 x 140mm
Voltage: DC 24V
Power: 12W
Water capacity: 120ml

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