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A. Vogel's Echinaforce® Echinacea Drops is a licensed traditional herbal remedy for colds and flu. Echinaforce® contains Echinacea which helps the body fight the symptoms of these infections by supporting the immune system, helping to maintain the body's resistance.

Benefits of Echinaforce®:

Helps fight the misery of colds and flu
Strengthens the immune system
Made from Echinacea purpurea
Fresh herb extract
Take 15-20 Echinaforce Echinacea Drops three times daily.
Tincture of Echinacea purpurea herb and root. 0.6ml drops contain the equivalent of 285mg whole fresh plant or 64.5mg whole dried plant. Also contains 65% v/v Ethanol.
Side Effects: Not recommended whilst pregnant or breast feeding. Caution: Should not be taken for prolonged periods

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Echinacea Effective Against Swine Flu Virus, 16th Dec 2009

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

New laboratory research carried out by A.Vogel has shown, for the first time, that fresh Echinacea extract is highly effective against the swine flu virus. Recent studies showed Echinacea purpurea fresh plant extract inhibits the H1N1 ‘Mexico influenza’ virus, with the ability to inactivate the infectiousness by over 99%. The pioneering laboratory-based research also worked against bird flu and all other examined influenza viruses. They carried out the ‘in vitro’ infection model on five influenza A strains,

The group of international researchers found the pattern of activity provides support for the already widely accepted use of Echinacea extracts to help relieve symptoms in people affected by the flu virus, of which swine flu is a variant.

They believe Echinacea works by inhibiting the binding of the virus to cells, interfering with the way viruses enter cells. And no resistance was observed.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Pleschka, of the Institute of Medicinal Virology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany, said: “Purple coneflower (Echinacea) in particular has been found to have the ability to prevent common colds and influenzas and treat them in acute cases. Our latest research has now shown that this effect is attributable to an antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect.

“The traditional use of Echinacea purpurea to strengthen or balance the immune system is thereby substantiated by the latest findings.”

Prof. Dr. James Hudson, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University of British Columbia, Canada said: “Especially for people unwilling to be vaccinated, there is currently a need for alternative approaches to provide protection against respiratory tract infections.

“Influenza vaccinations and the few antiviral agents with effects against influenza viruses are far from being optimal. This is why alternative options are urgently needed - something which has long been recognised by health authorities worldwide.”

Dr Jen Tan said: “Th

Award winning product, 24th Jan 2009

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

Great News! Echinaforce has been voted the Best Herbal 2008 by the readers of Health Food Business - a great way to start 2009.

Proprietor's Choice, 8th Oct 2008

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

Too many antibiotics!
It is still happening. In 2007 some 38m prescriptions for antibiotics were written by UK doctors, costing the NHS £175m, yet as coughs and colds are mainly caused by viruses, they do not respond to antibiotics. Indeed, a consultant paediatrician, Mike Sharland, is quoted as saying: "Every year, over five million antibiotics are prescribed for children - the great majority for upper respiratory tract infections, which are nearly always viral."

Apparently a quarter of people in England and Wales visit their GP every year because of symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, which accounts for 60% of all antibiotic prescribing in general practice. Doctors have been asked before to desist from prescribing antibiotics for coughs and colds, but there is concern that rates are still too high.

As well as Echinaforce and Echinacea Junior for the colds and flus themselves, the impact of all those antibiotics can only mean an increased need for a good prebiotic like Molkosan Vitality.

Proprietor's Choice, 8th Oct 2008

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

Tested on…
A gentleman in his 60s had a chest infection, and the retailer recommended Ivy-Thyme Complex and our Echinacea Throat Spray. He came back later and said not only had the chest infection cleared up beautifully, but some warts on his hands that had been a persistent problem had disappeared! Echinaforce is antiviral and gives the immune system generally a helping hand, so this is quite logical, but very nice for the gentleman in question.

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