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The True Honey Company Manuka Honey 850+ (UMF 20+) 250g

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A buttery toffee colour, this rare, high rated 850+ MGO Manuka honey has a luscious, resinous sweetness.

As this is a product direct from nature, slight flavour or colour variations are part of its beauty.

Every batch of True Honey Co. Manuka honey is independently tested and guaranteed to contain at least 850mg Methylglyoxal per kg.
You may have seen the term UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) – which some other honey makers use to measure the Manuka unique signature compounds in their honey. We use the MGO rating number because it tells us how much methylglyoxal is in the honey.

what’s methylglyoxal when it’s at home then?

Glad you asked. Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a special natural sugar found in high quantities in honey made from high concentrations of Manuka nectar.

Why we chose the MGO rating system?
Dr Peter Molan MBE, a University of Waikato professor, conducted plenty of research into the unique properties of Manuka honey. Long before harvesting any honey, we set out to work with him to create premium Manuka honey with nothing to hide. Based on Peter’s advice, we decided to use the MGO rating system and set our minimum MGO level at 300. He was also keen for us to educate consumers about Manuka honey labelling, because he felt the biggest problem consumers face is confusion over exactly what’s in the jar.

Sadly, Peter passed away in 2015. But we’ll never forget his enthusiasm, curiosity and downright cleverness, and plan to keep making sure Manuka honey deserves the trust of honey lovers. That’s why we independently test and guarantee the MGO level in every batch.
The benefits of Manuka Honey:
The rather special properties of Manuka honey are well known in scientific circles. New Zealand food regulations mean we can’t make any therapeutic or medical claims for our favourite sweet stu (although we can definitely declare its deliciousness). But we do hear from our customers about the wonderful ways they use Manuka honey. And if you’re searching for info, look for a source that’s backed by scientific evidence.

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