Viridian 100% Organic California Poppy 50ml


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Vegan, Organic
Viridian's 100% Organic Californian Poppy tincture is made with fresh Eschscholzia californica flowering plant. Certified organic by the Soil Association - better for the planet, better for you.
Directions: Take 15 - 30 drops, 2 -3 times daily in a little fruit juice or water. Children under 12, half adult amount.
Ingredient s
Eschscholzia californica flowering herb
Organic alcohol

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Californian Poppy and childhood sleeplessness, 6th Oct 2008

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

Young Kendra Curtis, aged 3, has always been a ‘handful’, sleeping little at night and on-the-go all day long. Though Kendra is naturally energetic, busy mum, Nicola felt it was all her fault. “I am rather soft where discipline is concerned and late nights have become a bit of a habit, so now Kendra’s body-clock is all over the place.” Kendra was going to bed at around 10.30pm and waking during the night frequently disrupting the household. “She just didn’t seem to be to settle, always restless and ready to play, rather than sleep,” says Nicola. Nicola had tried a number of remedies to calm Kendra, without success until she heard about a traditional herbal remedy called Viridian California Poppy Tincture. Don’t worry, this isn’t ‘drugging’ the child with illegal narcotics. Californian Poppy is a traditional American Indian remedy used mainly for colic. These days it is recommended as a mild sedative for children where there is over-excitability and sleeplessness. Californian poppy contains natural alkaloids and in particular one called californidine, reducing sleep problems, particularly nightmares, waking during the night and difficulties in falling asleep. California Poppy's gently antispasmodic, sedative, and analgesic effects make it a valuable herbal remedy for treating physical and psychological problems in children. California Poppy may also prove beneficial in attempts to overcome bedwetting, difficulty in sleeping, and nervous tension and anxiety. California Poppy is a safe natural remedy for children and infants offering hope to families with over-excited or non-sleeping children. After just two weeks, Nicola has seen a real difference in Kendra. “She is now sleeping from 9.30pm to 7am and not waking in the night. She is as bright as a button during the day and is much less whiny in the mornings.” Nicola just put a few drops of the Tincture into juice or water three times during the afternoon (after lunch, after tea and after a bath) each day. “Kendra does

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