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'My knees used to be slightly uncomfortable especially first thing in the morning but after taking this product for about 5 weeks there is a noticeable difference. Plus my skin is significantly plumped up!' Donna

Syno-Vital Hyaluronic Acid - Modern Herbals.

Pure Hyaluronic Acid, 30 x 5ml sachets.

Hydrate your joints, Hydrate your skin.

Helps promote joint health, faster wound healing and healthier eyes. Also helps promote firmer, younger looking skin.

" Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the body
" Hyaluronic acid supplementation can also benefit many other parts of the body such as eyes and hair
" Hyaluronic acid has been called the 'space filler' of the body
" It binds 1000 times its weight in water, which makes it the ultimate natural moisturiser.
" It provides scaffolding for all tissues and maintains healthy synovial fluid inside the synovial membrane
" Hyaluronan can help you maintain normal joint mobility and proper skin condition
" This is the only liquid Hyaluronic acid available today.

Hyaluronic Acid is a special mucopolysaccharide occurring naturally throughout the human body. It is found in the greatest concentrations in the synovial fluid of joints, the vitreous humour (fluid) of the eye, and most abundantly in the skin. Our bodies may produce less Hyaluronic Acid as we age.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a polymer and comes in varying molecular weights. Studies have shown more benefits are present with the higher molecular weights of HA, which brings more cushioning for the joints and more moisture retaining qualities for the skin. Syno-Vital is the highest molecular weight oral HA on the market - It is made from medical grade Hyaluronic Acid with 2.4 million Daltons molecular weight.

Its main function in the body is, amongst other things, to bind water and lubricate movable parts of the body, such as joints and tissues. Its molecular structure allows it to be used as an excellent moisturiser and it may promote wound healing. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most hydrophilic molecules in nature and has been described as 'Nature's Moisturiser'.

Directions for use: Add contents of one sachet to a glass of water, once daily.

Food supplement ingredients: 6.8% pure Hyaluronic Acid.
This product is suitable for vegetarians.

Customer reviews:
'Because I purchase this on subscribe and save for both my sister and myself, it keeps popping up for a review. It is one product that if asked to go on a desert island I would take. I have suggested it to many people particularly those who have floaters in their eyes. Every single person who used the product for that found it cured the problem and most possibly in the future might prevent macular degeneration. Just looking after ones eyes in itself is vital but this product does so much more.' Mrs Laidlaw

'Reviewing supplements is always very subjective because everyone is different however, I am pretty certain that this has worked miracles for my knee pain.

My health is very bad anyway, but last year I began getting excruciating knee pain in my right kneecap, whenever I went upstairs. I felt it was a different type of pain from all the other pain that I get, so got my knees x-rayed, and sure enough, they told me that I have now got a bit of arthritis in my right knee. I didn't want to start taking arthritis drugs so early on, so looked for an alternative and found out about Hyaluronic Acid, leading me on to find Syno-Vital. It is really expensive, but for my first try, I decided to go with this liquid form, as I have poor digestion, and thought it would be better assimilated.

Within about 3 weeks of taking it, the knee pain completely disappeared! I had had it 24/7 for several weeks prior to this. I didn't know if it had worked, or if it was just a coincidence. I finished the box, and decided to buy another one, but only used a few of them, as the pain was still absent. As they are so expensive, I then stopped them, and thought I would keep the rest in case I had another episode. Several months passed without any pain, but then last month the pain came back. It is so severe, I can barely get up the stairs as I can't put any weight on my knee so have to pull myself up using the banisters. This in turn gives me bad pain in my shoulders, arms, wrists and hands, as I have M.E. and any exertion results in muscle pain and weakness.

So.... I went back on the Syno-Vital. I had 25 sachets left in the box, and not long after taking them the pain started to lessen. By the 25th day the knee pain completely disappeared again! Amazing!! Again, I can't say for sure if the Syno-Vital was responsible for this, but it does seem to be!

I will just mention, that I also have Baker's Cysts behind both knees which can also get very painful. My reasoning behind buying a Hyaluronic Acid supplement was partly because it is found in the highest concentrations in the synovial fluid of joints, and it's the synovial fluid in the knees that leaks out into the back of the knee, causing Baker's Cysts. I haven't noticed any difference in the pain from the Baker's Cysts, but then I try not to do things that aggravate them.

I intend to keep taking Hyaluronic Acid now, but am just about to try a cheaper tablet form, so will write a review on the tablets in due course.

UPDATE: the cheaper tablets did not work. From the very first day after starting them, the arthritis pain started to come back. I took them for 3 weeks, and the whole time I was in agonising pain again. Have gone back on the Syno-Vital. I am 6 days into taking it now, and the pain has gone down to about 10% of what it was! Syno-Vital works!!!!' Mr Moose

'Within a fortnight of starting this supplement, I realised that I could kneel comfortably (I was gardening and had knelt and stood several times when it dawned on me) and that my stiff right knee was nearly as flexible as my left. I've recommended this product to a friend with arthritic knees, and she too has taken a packet every morning with good results. I mix it with a little powdered vitamin C,
which my reading suggests will enhance the take-up of the HA.' Mr Colby

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