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Natures Aid Triple Strength Rosewater 150ml


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'This rose water smells gorgeous and my skin loves it, will definitely buy again, well worth the money.' Lizzie

Rose water is prepared by distillation form the fresh flowers of Rose damascene and is a saturated aqueous solution of the volatile oil

Benefits: Bathing Pot Pourri Turkish Delight Icing Astringent

Natures Aid Rosewater Ingredients:
Triple strength rosewater

Customer Reviews:
'Such an amazing, High quality rose water...I am in love. I am in my mid 40's and have normal/dry skin...not dry patches but my skin feels tight and dehydrated. I use this rose water as a toner after cleansing with coconut oil and a muslin cloth. I apply the rose water to a cotton pad and apart from removing any last trace of make up and coconut oil it leaves my skin refreshe and soft. I have noticed that my pore size has reduced ads overall tone of my skin sooo improved. I also fill a small spray bottle to keep in my handbag to refresh during the day and I discovered that spritzing my face after applying my make up, especially after face powder or powder blusher it gives a beautiful finish to my makeup...don't know how but this accidental discovery has totally changed how my makeup looks and lasts throughout the day. I find too that if I'm beginning to flag late afternoon and, makeup has been on from early morning to go to work...a quick Spritz not only refreshes me but refreshes my makeup also and it looks freshly made up again. I have been slowly phasing out all chemical skincare ...I have always used Clarins or Lancome but as I've become more aware of what I'm putting on my face am trying to use natural products more. Apart from it being kinder on my pocket, the combination of cleansing with coconut oil using a muslin cloth and this rose water as my toner it has drastically improved the overall look and feel of my much so that people have actually noticed the difference and a twice weekly homemade facial sugar scrub has meant I don't even need to use a primer anymore for my makeup. I also use the rose water to give, my hair a quick Spritz which again freshens and revives my hair during the day. This is.a quality rose water...I have tried other brands when I first started using rose water and this I've felt has been the.superior one...and it smells divine. I only wish it came in a mega big size bottle! Manufacturers please take note...we'd like a bigger bottle please! I absolutely recommend this particular rose water, if you are thinking of trying it as part of your skin care, you will not regret it.' Mrs C

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