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CherryActive Concentrate contains no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings - just 100% Montmorency cherries.

A single 946ml bottle of CherryActive Concentrate contains the juice of around 3,000 cherries (half a tree). Also available in 473ml bottles (Ideal for travel and small fridges)

We recommend a daily serving of 30ml (2 tbsp) of concentrate, diluted with water, to taste (recommended 250-500ml water with each serving). Approx 31 servings per 946ml bottle

A single 30ml serving of CherryActive Concentrate, diluted in water, counts as one of your 5-a-Day fruit and veg target.

Store CherryActive Concentrate, opened or unopened, in a fridge or freezer, to maintain its powerful antioxidant properties.

Approximate shelf life - Fridge 12 mths, Freezer 24 mths

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Did you know?, 4th Jun 2009

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

Recent tests have shown just 30ml of CherryActive Concentrate delivers 8260 ORAC units of antioxicdant power (equivalent antioxidants you'd find in over 20 average portions of fruit n veg)!

Customer Feedback, 23rd Oct 2008

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin


A friend of mine introduced me to CherryActive. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and she thought I might want to 'give it a go'.

I was finally diagnosed two years ago, after several years in the 'aching wilderness'. The thing with 'Fibro' is that it is a complex illness that is difficult to diagnose and even harder to treat. Once armed with a name to 'Google' I set out on my quest for information. I soon came to realise that conventional medicine was not for experience of NHS doctors and specialists left me cold. Their answer was to prescribe painkillers. Everything from Ibuprofen to ...well ..a drug that would sedate an entire heard of cattle. Not my idea of fun...driving down the road feeling like I'm sat on the roof of the car!

The internet has been great for research. I now have a greater understanding of all things 'Fibro' and made some friends along the way.

I went to the CherryActive site and after reading about the Montmorency Cherry and all the benefits I ordered two months' supply.

Once my cherry juice arrived I couldn't wait to try it! I opened the bottle and had a good sniff....It smelt delicious! I asked my husband to smell it to see what he thought. After a pause....he said 'Smells like Golden Virginia tobacco to me!' I might just add that although he used to be a smoker he hasn't touched a 'roll up' for at least twelve years that I know of! I always thought that once off the 'demon fags' people regain there sense of taste and smell....maybe I was wrong!!

Still with thoughts of tobacco on my mind, I made my first glass of juice up. It has to be diluted as it is very thick. To think that this is pure juice with nothing added is great for me. I try, as best I can, to avoid additives. The less rubbish I ingest, the better!!

My first sip.... really nice! Not sickly sweet, naturally sweet! I could get used to this!!

I make CherryActive my first drink of the day, befor

Proprietor's Choice, 29th Sep 2008

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

Rated in Daily Mirror, Daily Record and Daily Mail 27th September 2008:

Cherry juice was hailed as the new superfood - with one small glass equal to 5 portions of fruit and veg.
Scientists found that 250ml of juice from US-grown Montmorency cherries was better than combined portions of peas, tomatoes, water melon, carrots and banana.
In British research, published in the new issue of Nutritional Practitioner, it was found to have a very high level of antioxidants. These protect against harmful substances in the body.
Around 5000 people in the UK already take the juice for gout. It is also used by arthritis sufferers to reduce joint inflammation.
A concentrated version is available under the brand name CherryActive.

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