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What are the benefits of Magnesium Oil?
To say that magnesium is important in health and medicine is certainly an understatement. Magnesium is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Today's dietary intake is woefully deficient in this essential mineral with Western diets containing more and more processed foods and longer transport times. Not only is magnesium lost through these processes but foods rich in the mineral do not appear as often in our diets as they used to (wholegrains, nuts, seafood, dark green vegetables). The result is that we consume only half the magnesium we did only 50 years ago! Asian diets have proved to contain much greater levels of magnesium (more than twice those of the West) and Asian incidences or cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoperoses are almost unheard of. Magnesium Oil offers supplementation in a completely natural, safe and easily absorbable way. Unlike tablets you are receiving a magnesium supply directly into the cells, without loss or wastage.

1: Essential for the effective absorption of calcium, maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

2: Enhances the efficiency of the body’s immune system.

3: Eases discomfort from joint and muscle pains when applied directly.

4: Reduces muscle spasm, over-excited nerves and relaxes blood vessels. Encourages dramatically improved sleeping patterns. Recommended for sufferers off Restless Leg Syndrome.

5: Essential for fundamental cellular production and storage of energy and protein synthesis (ATP)

6: Ideal for sportsmen and women to help relax muscles and keep them oxygenated, reducing damage and speeding up recovery time. Used by the Romanian National Football team -Euro'08

7: Helps to lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels, enhancing heart health.

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