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This product is made of choice leaves grown in the foothills of the unspoiled Groenberg Mountains in Wellington South Africa, home of some of the most famous vineyards in the world, together with a high quality powdered olive leaf extract.
" Formulated especially for fast results and easy absorption
" Possibly the most concentrated Olive Leaf Extract tincture available anywhere - typically 2 to 12 times the strength of other tinctures (see details below) at a giveaway price.
" Tried, trusted and extremely popular for over 7 years amongst health practitioners and the public.
" GM free, no preservatives, colourants, flavourants, non-irradiated.
Volume per container 100ml
Servings of 20 drops approx. 130
Final strength (calculated) approx. 1:0.8 *
Raw Leaf used 500mg/ml
Standardised Olive Leaf powdered extract ** 100mg/ml
Oleuropein per 20 drops approx. 25mg
Ethanol 36% v/v
*1kg leaves (total fresh + extract equiv.) makes 0.8 kg of tincture.
** Extract used standardised to contain >20% oleuropein.
Note: The tincture has a strong fairly bitter taste.

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Have a happy and healthy Christmas with Olive Leaf, 13th Dec 2008

Reviewer: Julie Goodwin

Here are a few tips that may keep you from
ending up with a raw throat, throbbing head
and running nose while everyone else is singing
Christmas carols in the snow then drinking
hot chocolate around the Christmas tree.

The chances are your workplace is now an incubator
of germs with victims falling foul of the dreaded 'lergy
every day.
It seems that whenever the weather is cold, fresh air
becomes outlawed and people prefer to re-breathe the
same warm germ-soaked air again and again.
Let's take a look at what's happening and what can be done.

1. Mrs A. has picked up a virus a few days ago and starts sneezing.
She has become a germ factory.

2. The office air-conditioner begins to circulate millions of
viruses which have been sneezed into the atmosphere as a fine mist.

3. Mrs B. slept badly last night, she is worried about her husband
who is under tremendous stress at work and they have
financial problems. She comes to work exhausted. She sits
opposite Mrs. A. and inhales viruses all day.
The next day her throat is sore and she has a headache.

You've got the picture.

Colds tend to start in the nasal cavities and throat, where the viruses
multiply and then move down to the chest. This is simply
because that is where they settle first when you breathe in.

Some simple ways to minimize risk are:

1. Try to allow fresh air to circulate from time to time in the
office to "dilute" the germ mist. (A little cold air doesn't
cause colds).

2. Wash hands after shaking hands with someone who has a cold
or using their pencils, rulers, computers etc.

3. Avoid getting sneezed on yourself or on your food and drink
and try to keep away from people coughing.

4. Avoid foods which stimulate mucous formation in your nose
or throat. These could include grains, milk and milk products etc.
Excess mucous forms a medium to trap germs in and increases
the risk of their infecting your mucous membranes and can end
up in nasal, sinus, throat

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