BetterYou Magnesium Joint Spray 100ml


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BetterYouTM Magnesium Oil Joint Spray is the latest addition to the Magnesium Oil range and contains the addition of glucosamine sulphate together with the cooling and calming effect of menthol and the anti inflammatory and pain relieving qualities of wintergreen oil. Glucosamine suphate is responsible for the production of connective tissue and stimulates cells that encourage the formation of cartilage.

Did you know that each ingredient within Magnesium Oil Joint spray has greater pain-controlling power than ibuprofen!

Magnesium is the most versatile mineral in the body responsible for over 350 bio-chemical processes. With a declining content available from the typical Western diet it is estimated that over 75% of the population are now magnesium deficient. Essential for the body's ability to absorb calcium it also plays a major role in energy production, joint health and muscle relaxation.

Muscles and joints: Magnesium is a natural and effective muscle relaxant, helping to reduce tension, tightness and pain related to muscle and joint strain.

Calcification: Magnesium is essential to help the body better absorb calcium. Without magnesium calcium is simply not as soluble within the blood and can settle is soft tissue around joints, within muscles and collect around old fractures and stress points, building into calcium spurs.

800 measured spray in every bottle!

Spray 5-10 sprays directly to joint or muscle area. Apply to wet or dry skin. Concentrate on muscle areas to aid stretching and warm-up and to avoid post exercise cramping. Can be sprayed anywhere on the body, avoiding eyes and mucus membrane. There is no upper limit but start any new health regime gradually.



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