Genki Haramaki Medium/Large Yellow 84-94cm/33-37"

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Genki Haramaki Medium/Large Yellow 84-94cm/33-37"

The haramaki is a traditional Japanese garment worn to maintain warmth and general well-being. It is based on the philosophy that if you keep your core warm, your peripherals can be given a chance to warm up. It also provides additional benefits to the body.  

Our modern interpretation fits snuggly, and it's double ridged layers ensure you are kept warm throughout your day (and night if you so choose).

Wear at home to relax, in bed for more restful night’s sleep, or during sports and outdoor activities to avoid getting cold. Our haramaki is made with only the softest cotton, gentle enough to be worn directly against the skin, or as a stylish outer layer.

Keeping the abdominal organs warm helps the body distribute warmth and energy all around the body. As circulation is improved, peripheral muscles in your hands and feet will feel warmer.

Wearing the haramaki can also help:

- Aid digestion
- Ease menstrual cramps
- Give support during and post-pregnancy
- Soothe common abdominal ailments

To give you a bit of assistance when it comes to choosing from our wide array of colours -

Chakra Colours and their Meanings:

Violet – The seventh Chakra, relates particularly to ascertaining peace and wisdom, can also help with problems associated with exhaustion and depression without a physical or diagnosed cause.

Indigo – The sixth Chakra, this is associated with clarity of thought, intuition and a balanced state of mind necessary for clear and decisive judgement and discipline.

Blue – The fifth Chakra. As this relates to the throat area, it is associated with speaking and expressing truth through the spoken word and ability to make clear and decisive choices. It is also associated with calm and the soothing of mental turmoil.

Green – The fourth Chakra. This is associated with heart conditions, love and kindness, compassion and generosity. This Chakra is also associated with release of heart-held emotion, such as anger and hate, fear and envy.

Yellow – The third Chakra. This is said to be good for digestion, confidence and attaining your goals. It is also said to be useful for people suffering from fear of failure and rejection, or being overly sensitive to criticism.

Orange – The second Chakra. This is considered by some as a source of power, with relation to the Sun. This colour is also associated with being creative, being accepting of new experiences and once again finding your sense of general wellbeing.

Red – The first Chakra. This is said to help by making you feel more grounded, in addition to making you feel more confident, having a better self image of yourself, and coping better in social situations. The colour Red is also viewed as a colour of stimulation and action.

..Or just go with what you feel like.

These are on sale because we are clearing surplus stock. They are a fantastic and popular product, so they will go quickly, and once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Make sure you grab yours soon!



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