Healing Bamboo

Healing Bamboo Wrist Support One Pair


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Better Sleep - More Energy - Pain Relief

The Bamboo Charcoal in this product reacts with your body heat to naturally emit Far Infrared Rays & Negative Ions. We create it by selecting bamboo stalks harvestedf from sustainable forests in China and expost them to intense heat over 1800F for two weeks. The Pyrolysis process creates a unique Bamboo Charcoal known as 'White Diamond', which carries high electrical conductivity properties. It is ground into powder form, encapsulated in an insert and then embedded into comfortable knitted fabrics. When used with proper physical therapy, this product may improve your blood flow to ease minor and temporary health issues. It activates with your body heat and can be re-charged in the sun.

Additional Benefits:
- Increase Blood Flow
- Muscle Relaxation
- Improve Flexibility
- Ease Joint Pain
- Improve Digestion
- Promote Relaxation
- Reduce Stress & Anxiety
- Detoxification
- Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

Care Instructions:
Cover: Machine wash, tumble dry

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