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HA (Hyaluronic Acid), is a polysaccharide chain, found abundantly in synovial fluid, cartilage, the skin and the aqueous humor (watery fluid that fills the space between the cornea and the iris). of the eye. HA, which is found in synovial fluid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber and therefore may offer pain relief to arthritis sufferers. In the skin, HA, helps retain optimal levels of water in the dermis of the skin, thereby delaying the onset of aging of the skin. (HA levels reduce as we get older, hence the looser and dryer the skin.) Therefore we recommend for anyone who wants to support their eyes, reduce ageing and support symptoms of arthritis or joint pain.

Buy Solgar Hyaluronic Acid and get free Faith In Nature intensive moisturising cream

This one a day formula provides hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and collagen (BioCell Collagen II)

Faith In Nature Intensive Moisturising Cream restores the skin's natural balance and promotes regeneration. It is enriched with Organic Ginkgo Biloba and Olive Oil for extra replenishment and protection.

What can you do to slow down the signs of ageing? All this pressure to be wrinkle-free, doesn’t mean you have to jump on the surgeon’s table and subject your body and possibly health to collagen injections, Botox and other delights.

Advancements in science mean that looking at how the body ages could reveal natural alternatives that work alongside our own biological make-up.

One area that has shown to have exciting results is with Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a polysaccharide found in all adult connective tissue.
Hyaluronic Acid production in our body decreases as we age and ageing causes variations in natural Hyaluronic Acid concentrations in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is water loving and the ability of the skin to retain water also declines with age. As a result, the skin becomes drier, thinner and less able to restore itself.

Solgar has sought the expertise of BioCell Technologies to launch a superior supplement – Hyaluronic Acid 120 mg with BioCell Collagen II. BioCell Collagen II has been shown to suppress hyaluronidase, a key enzyme that may contribute to skin ageing; whilst collagen is known to be an important component in reducing wrinkles. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid serves as a supporting structure in the extra cellular space throughout the body and is an especially important component of the joint matrix and promotes healthy joints.

• Vitamin C – assists with collagen production
• Collagen (BioCell Collagen II) – helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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