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'My husband has been using Symprove for several years to help with his UC, it has literally changed the way we live our lives. He no longer worries about going out as a family for fear of an accident and he lives virtually pain free. An amazing product and completely recommended. ' Mrs S

Featured in the Daily Mail Article "The daily dose of friendly bacteria that lets me forget about my IBS"

Symprove Original is a multi-strain barley drink which helps support digestive health and replenishes the gut with friendly bacteria. Symprove Originals' Unique Delivery System (UDS™) and formula make it totally different to any other probiotic on the market today. Symprove bacteria are ‘alive’ and go to work in the gut within 15 minutes of being swallowed – that’s fast.

Symprove bacteria are naturally occurring and grown on an extract of germinated barley. This is a perfect substrate for the friendly bacteria to feed and grow. Its unique delivery system protects the ‘friendly’ bacteria as they pass through the stomach without triggering digestion. On reaching the gut unharmed, Symprove bacteria begin to establish and multiply quickly, deep in the gut.

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Dairy and gluten free
Gentle on the gut
Replenishes gut bacteria
Unique Delivery System (UDS™)
A natural science to support gut health
Each batch independently lab tested
Strong customer support
Proven probiotic formula
Largest Independent IBS study on a probiotic to full clinical standards at King’s College Hospital London, involving people who had tried a range of different options, to manage their IBS with no success. The preliminary results have achieved significant outcomes.

Make Symprove the start of your day. Shake the bottle gently before use. Drink once a day on an empty stomach. Using the measuring cup provided, measure 1ml of Symprove per 1kg of bodyweight. eg. if you weigh 50kg, drink 50ml of Symprove per day.
Please leave a few minutes before eating and drinking to allow the live bacteria to get through the stomach safely.
The clinical team at King’s College Hospital recommend 90 days continuous use to fully reset your digestive system.

How much Symprove do you need?
For anyone taking Symprove for the first time or for specific reasons, experts recommend that drinking Symprove for just 90 days will totally reset your system.

Store in a cool dry place away from children. Once open, store in the refrigerator. Do not freeze.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Ingredients (Original):
Water, extract of germinated barley, live activated cultures of: L. casei, E. faecium, L. plantarum, L. acidophilus; Vitamin C, Preservatives: trisodium citrate, potassium sorbate.
Gluten and Dairy Free. No Added Colours.

50ml of Symprove delivers at least 10 billion live activated bacteria.

The extract of germinated barley is a natural food source for Symprove bacteria achieving an exceptionally high bacteria count for colony forming units (CFUs). The Symprove format focuses on quality and what the colony forming units are able ‘to do’ at the time of ingestion not manufacture.

Customer Review:
'I have been taking Symprove for just over 3 weeks and at first i was disappointed as even up until a few days ago there was no improvement and i felt i had wasted a lot of money.
However, in the last few days, ther has been a definate improvement. My extreme stomach cramps, pains and trapped wind have become less of an issue and my appetite has gone from one bowl of soup & half a roll per day to feeling constantly wanting to eat which is good as i was losing weight quickly.
Over 20 years on PPI's and a recent spell of antibiotics (which led to me being off work) must have just about wiped out any good bacteria in me whatsoever which is probably why it has taken a while to start making a difference.
My IBS pains were getting so severe that i was coming home from work almost on a weekly basis which led to many meetings with the HR department.
Years of appointments with doctors and gastroenterologists and every test under the sun had led to nothing, including freeze dried probiotics.
I almost laughed when my gastroenterologist suggested Symprove but after 24 days of the recommended 90 day test, i am convinced that there has been improvement which no other treatment or drug has done and i already feel more confident about eating out and spending days out etc.
I'm not saying the i won't have bad days but i would strongly urge anybody with diagnosed IBS, stomach cramps or wind etc to please, please give it a go.
Add to this that the mango & passionfruit is delicious and a refreshing way to start the day, you'd be a fool not to try it.
I'll be giving it the 90 days and if it continues then i shall carry on with it.
It does work out very expensive, but as i said to my family, if it makes me feel better then it'll be worth every penny because i was in severe pain from the moment i woke until the moment i went to sleep and this had started from childhood and gradually got worse.
Just so happy i was recommended it.' Mr Hyder

'This product is superb!

Please bear with it! my experience is as follows:
First 4-5 weeks, I got bloating, wind and constipation, I thought I the product had made me much worse, however, once I removed all fodmaps from my diet this stopped completely.

Week 5-6 my bloating subsided completely, I became regular with soft stools and I felt well again for the first time in months.

#note I have removed fodmaps from my diet before, it helped but was not a complete fix.

Weeks 6-12 I remained as above and slowly introduced fodmaps into my diet with NO ill effect!

Week 12 and onward, now completed Symprove, after 4-5 weeks of stopping it, symptoms slowly returned. So I restarted Symprove and my symptoms improved as before.

Impression: Symprove is no cure, it is however a very effective treatment for IBS type C when combined with a low fodmap diet. I absolutely love it but have resigned myself to the prospect that I will need to use it for life. It SHOULD be free on the NHS, if alcoholics and drug addicts can get free treatment, then the NHS can surely pay for what is an clinically proven treatment for IBS' A Mouse



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