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Solgar Vitamins Folate 1000 g (as Metafolin) 60


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60 tablets

The active folate in this formulation promotes heart health. It also supports a healthy nervous system and the formation of healthy red blood cells.

Like other B vitamins, folic acid has a wide variety of functions within the body, for example helping to maintain normal blood formation, psychological function and the function of the immune system. However, before it can do any of these it has to be converted to its active form by a series of biochemical steps. Metafolin® (L-methylfolate) requires no conversion because it is bioidentical to the bio-active form. In other words, it is ‘body-ready’. This may be useful for individuals whose bodies have difficulty converting folic acid to its active form.

As a food supplement for adults one (1) tablet daily preferably at mealtime or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed directions for use.

Ingredients:Each tablet provides: Bulking agents (mannitol microcrystalline cellulose) Anti-caking agents (vegetable stearic acid silicon dioxide vegetable magnesium stearate) Cellulose gum Folate (as calcium-L-methylfolate as Metafolin®) 1000µg

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